C. David Heisler, J.D., C.P.A.

Mr. Heisler graduated Cum Laude from Mount St. Mary’s College, receiving his bachelor’s degree with majors in accounting and economics.

Upon graduation, he began his career as a senior field agent at the Internal Revenue Service. He later specialized as a District Conferee where his role was to hold hearings and settle contested tax cases. While with Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Heisler obtained his law degree from the University of Baltimore.

After twelve years of service with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Heisler resigned to become the Tax Partner of a large local accounting firm.

In 1984, Mr. Heisler formed his own accounting firm and at the same time became the Tax Partner of a law firm where he served until 1988 when the law firm of Heisler, Williams & Lazzaro, L.L.C. was established.

Mr. Heisler specializes in individual and business taxes, estate taxes and tax planning for individuals, businesses and estates. He has been listed on two separate occasions in Baltimore Magazine’s Best Tax Accountants and Attorneys.

Curriculum Vitae

1952-1956 – Attended Mt. Saint Mary’s College. Graduated Cum Laude and was installed in the Monsignor Tierney Honor Society.

1956-1968 – Internal Revenue Service – Baltimore Office – worked as a senior field agent, examining high profile individuals and large corporations.

Participated as an Agent in the IRS Organized Crime Drive in the 1960’s; later became a District Conferee holding hearings to settle contested cases. Was a member of IRS National Office Task Force which wrote and later taught the procedures and manual for other conferees throughout the country. Was selected as a member of the IRS Regional Career Management Program.

1968-1984 – Tax Partner and later member of the Management Committee of a large local CPA firm.

1984-1987 – Formed the accounting firm of C. David Heisler & Associates, P.A. and joined three other attorneys in forming a law firm.

1988- Present – Continues as President of C. David Heisler & Associates, P.A., an accounting firm, and in February, 1988 formed the law firm of Heisler, Williams & Lazzaro, L.L.C. which celebrated its 25th anniversary on February 1, 2013.


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